2017 presented some exciting challenges for the Eurocoin Systems Support department, as the introduction of new technologies from JCA and Semnox Redemption fuelled the division’s expansion across the gaming and leisure sector.

“The integration of these systems has been a great opportunity for the team members to pick up new skills in both software and hardware” commented Support Team Manager James Wakefield “and this has had a direct benefit on the support we are providing to clients across our entire product range”

Systems support in the modern age must be of the highest standard, and it was with great satisfaction that James and his team celebrated exceeding 100,000 minutes of support calls in 2017. “The team logged more than 5,600 enquiries from clients last year, resolving more than 75% within the same day. Based on the increasing number of technologies provided by Eurocoin Systems, along with our expanding customer portfolio, 2017 saw our team numbers increase to ensure that we maintain the high level of service to which our customers have become accustomed. We are now a team of 5 highly motivated IT professionals, ready to resolve any issues that are presented to us”

All the signs already point towards 2018 being another year of growth for Eurocoin Systems. James and his team are all set to deliver their vital support role to the company’s valued clients “We are all looking forward to the opportunities that the year ahead will bring to Eurocoin Systems Support. We have been really motivated by the positive feedback we receive from our clients following each call, and I am confident that our skills, knowledge and willingness to serve will continue to benefit their businesses as we move into the new year”



For further information, please call +44-1707-280020,
email systems-support@eurocoin.co.uk
or contact your Eurocoin Ltd Account Director in Europe



James Wakefield
Support Team Manager