It’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for, all these years…! After listening carefully to our hard-working customers across their leisure sites and machine operations, Eurocoin Systems are delighted to announce the release of the new ‘CashDesk’ module…. for sure, your workplace life is going to be way, way easier going forward!

CashDesk will eliminate all the time-consuming, paper-based transactions that you currently must do on a daily basis in your operation. The system offers a modern, easy-to-use touchscreen interface, from which you can automate, manage and audit all your cash floats and machine-related transactions. Every payment, every fill, every hand-pay can now be recorded quickly & simply. And all this essential data is then stored and available to you to print management reports, plus is automatically consolidated into your Playsafe Quantum system.

Security concerns…? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that! ‘CashDesk’ allows you set different access levels for different staff members, with optional thresholds requiring ‘Manager’ approval. Plus, ‘CashDesk’ can be used on a tablet PC, so your team members can use the system anywhere on site, acting as ‘mobile cashiers’ for the operation.

Sounding good…? We would be delighted to demonstrate all the features and advantages of CashDesk to you. See us at EAG and ICE 2018, or call us on 01707-280028 to request more details.

Key Features and Benefits of CashDesk

• Allows management of all cash floats within the operation (cash drawer, count room safe, etc)
• Easy-to-use touchscreen interface requiring minimal training
• Can be used on a tablet PC so can be carried around by staff within the site
• Automates recording of machine-related cash transactions (refills, hand payouts, claims/refunds, promotional cash)
• Removes dependency on paper records
• Stores complete audit trail for better transparency/reporting
• Allows privilege levels for different staff members to be set, with optional thresholds which require ‘manager’ approval
• Directly integrates with existing Eurocoin systems:
o Automatic registration of pending hand-pays reported by machines
o Automatically enters machine-related information into Quantum system (where relevant) to help with reconciliation/collection process
• Up to four customisable buttons for common actions (e.g. “print £5 Promotional Ticket”, “pay £10 promotional Cash”)
• Integrates with TITO systems to allow direct printing of Promotional tickets for crediting machines for free plays/match play promotions
• Directly credits machines (where supported) for free/match play promotions
• Supports recording of signatures for transactions for compliance/auditing

For further information, please call +44-1707-280028, email or contact your Eurocoin Ltd Account Director in Europe