Timers with Coin- or Token-Operation

Our range of  coin- or token-operated Timers may be used to switch lighting or devices in your venue on and off for pre-determined lengths of time

Cost-effective, reliable and easy to manage, our Timers are successfully in use in hundreds of sites across multiple market sectors

The Eurocoin Timer range has been widely adopted in leisure, retail, forecourt services, food and beverage, sports facilities, pubs and clubs.environments.

Machines are available in a wall-mount configuration, or as free-standing pedestal units.

Our Timers may be programmed to provide access to a specific device for a pre-set period of time, to be determined by the site owner. The price tariff, too, is easy to set, and payment may be made by coin or token. We can supply our Token Vendor Change Machine to your site, if required.

All timers are supplied with a full 12 month warranty.

Our Timers can be tailor-made for the following sectors:



Sports Clubs

Garage Forecourt Services


Robust and Secure Timers

Our range of coin– or token–operated timers are rugged and reliable, and offer a wide variety of performance options for your individual requirements.

All timers can be individually priced to sell time per minute.

We can supply all required accessories, such as tokens or change machines, to supplement and simplify your operation

Our Timer Range & Other Related Products

Coin- or Token-Operated Timers

The Eurocoin Timer range incorporates our most popular timers for applications such as enabling lighting for snooker and pool tables & squash courts, turning sunbeds on and off, car wash & tyre pressure equipment on garage forecourts and so on

The standard single coin timer can accept any coin or token and will switch on a 1kw load for anything between 1 and 63 minutes, programmable by the operator.

There are many additional options that can be added, such as Free Play override switch, LED display to countdown the remaining minutes, a coin-in meter, plus a 7kva loading for sunbed operations

Please specify currency and denomination when ordering.

Timers with Advanced Features

The Eurocoin Timer range are completely modular, and so it is very simple to specify some of our advanced features when placing your order.

Many sports and leisure operators, for example, select our LED display, to help clients track the minute-by-minute countdown on their time purchased. In addition, the ‘Match Play” override key switch allows site operators to offer ‘Free Play’ periods whenever this function is required.

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Coin & Note Counters & Sorters

Plastic Tokens - from Stock, or Customised Designs

Thomas - 1002 - Change Machine







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