Coin & Note Change Machines

The Thomas brand has been in business for more than 40 years!

Our comprehensive range of robust, automated cash transaction products have become trusted market leaders across multiple sectors.

We are confident we have a modern & reliable solution for your business needs!

Coin & Note Change Machines

The Thomas range of products embraces the very latest technologies to offer secure, rapid validation of all modern payment methods

From coins and bank notes through to chip & pin, contactless and mobile payments, we can process your customers’ preferred choice of payment.


Coin & Note Change Machines

We have a wide range of wall-mounted and free-standing Change Machines and PayStation Kiosks that are completely modular, and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

There is a Thomas machine to suit every budget and every market sector – take a closer look here!

Coin & Note Change Machines

All our Thomas products are fully updated to accept the new UK currency coins and banknotes , or the equivalent latest generation of notes and coins from the €urozone or other international countries.

Our After Sales team provide full technical support, back-up. spare parts and technical service for the full range of Thomas machines – just call or email at any time for assistance.

Over twenty thousand of our Thomas machines are in daily use in a multitude of applications and location types in more than 80 countries around the world

Our aim is to supply you with reliable, affordable products, designed to give you many years of trouble-free operation, tailored to fully satisfy your specific needs, and to back them up with top quality service, technical support and continuing product development.

If you do not immediately see the automated transaction products you are looking for in the following pages, please contact us and give us the opportunity to satisfy your specific needs

Change Machines and Payment Kiosks tailor-made for the following sectors:

Secure & Reliable Change Machines

Our comprehensive range of Change Machines can be supplied in either a free-standing or wall-mount cabinet, to best suit your location.

Both cabinet styles are flexible enough to incorporate your precise requirements in terms of coins, notes, cards, tickets and/or tokens in and out. Just browse the models here to find the exact match, or contact us to talk through your operational needs via 01707-280028 or

Wall / Pedestal Mounted Change Machines

Thomas 1000 - Notes In, Coins or Tokens Out


The Thomas 1000 accepts all bank notes, and offers change in 2 denominations of coin or token.

Thomas 1002 - Coin In, Coins or Tokens Out

Ideal for dispensing small change, the Thomas 1002 breaks high value coins into two denominations of coin or token

Thomas 1006 - Notes In, Coin or Token Out

Compact, and with a capacity of 2,000 coins, the Thomas 1006 will change bank notes to a coin or token

Thomas 1008 - Coin In, Coin or Token Out

Our simple, reliable Thomas 1008 offers coin in, single denomination of coin or token out as change

Thomas 1025 - Coin & Note In, Coins or Tokens Out

Ideal for busy environments, the Thomas 1025 has a capacity of 8,000 coins or tokens, which it can pay out in 2 denominations in exchange for a bank note or higher value coin.

Thomas 1010 - Coin or Token Dispenser with Contactless Card Payment



The Thomas 1010 changer is a modern, reliable and secure dispenser, offering contactless payment in exchange for one denomination of coin or token


Thomas 1013 - Card Dispenser with Contactless Card Payment


The Thomas 1013 changer is a modern, reliable and secure dispenser offering a loyalty, membership or pre-loaded card in exchange for a contactless smartcard or mobile payment


Free Standing Change Machines

Thomas 3004 - High Capacity Notes & Coins In, Coins or Tokens Out

Instantly recognisable, the Thomas 3004 is the UK’s Change Machine ‘workhorse’ that operates successfully & reliably in all locations

Widely-deployed, this robust, secure machine is a proven favourite for the retail, transportation, parking, medical and leisure industrial sectors

Thomas 5001 - Notes In, Coins or Tokens Out

The Thomas 5001 offers banknote change into 1 or 2 denominations of coins or tokens

For amusement and leisure sector operations, the coins or tokens in change may be paid out into the dedicated cup-holder tray

Thomas 5002 - Coins In, Coins or Tokens Out

With a capacity of 20,000 coins, the Thomas 5002 Change Machine is ideal for high-volume venues

Accepts all coin denominations, offering change to coins or tokens, and can pay out to a plastic cup

Thomas 1000 with pedestal stand

Our simple, low-cost way to provide an upright Thomas machine to change bank notes into coins or tokens…

Thomas 1006 with pedestal stand

The Thomas 1006 banknote changer is also available with a pedestal stand if required. This version offers a single denomination of coin or token as change, in exchange for the insertion of a bank note.

Thomas 8021 series - Gaming PayStation PLUS

Designed specifically to meet the demands of the modern Leisure, Bingo & AGC sectors, the Thomas 8021 PayStation PLUS offers enormous capacity, flexibility and a host of features including banknote payout, bulk mixed coin in and TITO ticket redemption.


Thomas 8010 Series - Pre-Payment Kiosk

Our Pre-Payment Kiosk range is the ideal, modern ‘queue-buster’ for your business! Offering a client-friendly touchscreen interface & accepting all types of payments including Contactless, Chip & Pin, and MobilePay, this Thomas 8010 PayStation issues barcoded receipts for every transaction & keeps all cash secure and centralised.



Thomas Machines are rugged & secure for public sites


Fast coin & note transactions


Proven reliability in ‘000s of sites


Simple to use for your clients


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