Ticketing & Prepayment Machines

Fast, modern, efficient & customer-friendly. Our proven range of Prepayment Kiosks accept coin, note, card and mobile payments for all the goods and services your business provides. Centralise & secure all your cash, while freeing-up staff to focus on your clients.

Our products combine reliable and secure cash-handling with a unique, fully-configurable ticketing menu, allowing venues to automate the pre-sales of thermally printed tickets or receipts to clients.

PayStation thinks smart and looks smart – it’s fully networkable, reports via the Cloud, and you can design your own exterior ‘wrap’ for the cabinet.

Our Prepayment Kiosks can be tailor-made for the following sectors:



Events & Attractions access

Drinks, Snacks & Services pre-purchasing

Prescription & Scan purchases for hospitals




PayStation Kiosks Reduce Queuing Time!

Our Prepayment PayStation kiosks are very popular with venues and customers alike! They reduce queuing time, centralise all your cash in one secure place, eliminate the need for staff to handle cash, and allow the printing of pre-paid, barcoded receipts or tickets. Save time and money by reducing your manned Cash Desk hours – let PayStation do the work for you!

Our Range of Ticketing & Prepayment Machines

8010C Ticketing PayStation

Our 8010C PayStation is an instant hit with site owners and their customers alike!

Fully equipped for coin, note, smart card & mobile payments, the Ticketing PayStation provides a fast, simple and stylish way for your customers to prepay for any goods or services.

Using our state-of-the-art touchscreen interface, clients simple select their requirements, pay in advance, and receive a barcoded receipt in return. This can then be scanned and exchanged by your team of customer-facing staff, who no longer are burdened with the whole time-consuming issue of manning a Cash Desk and supplying change.

8010C Prepayment PayStation

The 8010C and our entire range of PayStations can be specifically wrapped with a custom design to compliment your business theme or brand.

All customer-facing screens may be designed and edited at any time by your team, allowing the range and price of any goods to be changed in seconds. Coin & notes are held in highly secured, locked cash boxes and every machine transaction is recorded and can be accessed online from your own cloud-based account at our PayStation Management Zone website.

Widely in use across multiple market sectors, PayStation is the perfect companion for your operation!

8025 PayStation Mini

Our 8025 PayStation Mini is the perfect prepayment kiosk solution for venues where space is limited, or where site owners wish to simplify the range of functions available to their customers.

Sleek & stylish, the PayStation Mini will compliment any venue, offering your customers the possibility to prepay for goods or services with coins, notes, contactless cards or chip & pin cards. The PayStation then issues a barcoded receipt for each transaction, which customers can then swap for their choice of purchase.

The 8025 PayStation Mini accepts coins & notes if required, but does not payout any change to customers. However, personalised customer information screens state clearly ‘Exact Change Only Please’ or the Compact PayStation can be operated with Credit, Debit and Mobile Payments only

PayStation Management Zone

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Easy to Add & Remove Sale Items


All Cash is Centralised & Secure



Our Kiosks Never Sleep!


Your Cash Desk Team Released to Support Customers


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