Retail Sector

Eurocoin Systems are Specialists in Cash and Card-Based Products & Applications for the Retail Sector

Our hard-working products & systems provide secure & efficient cash, card and mobile payment processing for Retail Sector clients.

The John Lewis Partnership

John Lewis have implemented our Eurocoin PayStation Kiosks across the UK, supplying their busy Cash Desk staff with essential, secure banknote validation and automated issuing of coin change floats

Brown Thomas

Brown Thomas, Dublin’s renowned lifestyle brands store, uses the Eurocoin PayStation kiosk for €uro note-to-note and note-to-coin transactions for their Cashiers and Floor Staff teams

Reliable and Secure Products & Systems for the Retail Sector

PayStation Pre-Payment Kiosk

Add a PayStation Kiosk to your retail operation, and let your customers enjoy the chance to avoid queues at the tills by pre-paying for goods or services with coins, notes, cards or mobile pay!

Fast, Contactless Pre-Payments

Our modern, Queue-Busting kiosks accept Contactless or Apple Mobilepay quickly and simply

Secure, Time-Saving Products for the Retail Sector


Cashlogy is a revolutionary system that will transform the security, accuracy and efficiency of your cash register & till, whatever your market sector.

Thomas 1006

The Thomas 1006 Banknote Changer enables your clients to insert bank notes for change in one denomination of coin or token. The machine utilises two high-speed coin hoppers, providing a fast and accurate transaction, with a capacity of 2,000 coins.

Thomas 1025

Our Thomas 1025 is an 8,000 coin high-capacity, wall-mounted coin and banknote changer. Flexible and reliable, the model 1025 allows 2 denominations of coins or tokens to be paid out in exchange for notes and coins in.

Thomas PayStation

The Thomas TITO PayStation PLUS is our advanced, automated Kiosk Terminal that provides a complete solution for your retail premises.

Thomas 8003

The Thomas TITO Gaming PayStation PLUS is our advanced, automated Kiosk Terminal that provides a complete solution for your retail premises.

Complete Online Access to Kiosk Finances via our PayStation Management Zone

Kiosk Management Made Easy...Your Totally Configurable PayStation!

PayStation Kiosk customer screens are totally adaptable & configurable by you, allowing for customised images & descriptions, flexible pricing, and complete control of on-screen navigation & messages – all from our easy-to-use web interface. Payment receipt tickets can be totally customised by you. As well as offering coin & note payment, with change repayable in coins & notes if required, our Thomas 8010 PayStation also offers Chip & Pin credit card payment facility. This can also be added as a retrofit feature to existing, sited machines.if required. Secure, remote configuration and fully-functional audit facilities offer customised alerts to your financial & admin teams. Turnover reports are all available from the web-based ‘PayStation Management Zone’ – and may be uniquely configured to each customer.

Layout Designer

Personalise the PayStation screens with individual messages and images using our Layout Designer tool – it’s simple to use & quick to learn!

Financial Reporting

Complete, real-time transaction reporting and financial records for all accredited users

Add or Remove Users

Manage your team members’ access and accreditation levels via our User Menu screen

Fully Customisable Vouchers

Quickly design and promote on-screen any type of Customised Special Offer Vouchers

Service & Support

Our dedicated Support Team offer immediate help and advice on all Eurocoin systems and products

Altius Approved

Our Field Engineer team is an Altius-approved supplier for on-site service and maintenance