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Eurocoin is an Authorised Service Centre for Ticket2Go, JCM Global’s innovative ticketing solution developed for AWP/Low Payout Machine and SAS-based slot machine markets.



Moving to Ticket payout, rather than coin? Our dedicated Systems Support team provide full after-sales back-up for all our Ticket2Go clients, offering real-time telephone call support for all your operational and machine accounting questions relating to both cash and TITO tickets.

Key Advantages for Machine Operators Include:

Eliminate Coin Floats

Take all the coins in your machine hoppers, and bank them! TITO ticket payout eliminates coin payout.


Replayable Tickets

Ticket In…Ticket Out – that’s the big advantage of TITO! Every winning ticket can be replayed in another machine without cashing out

Fast, Automated Payout

Players’ TITO tickets are scanned & redeemed in seconds by your Cash Desk or our automated Thomas PayStation Kiosks

Player Appeal

Machine players love TITO! It’s simple, flexible and provides them with complete privacy when cashing out their wins

The Ticket2Go system is now installed in more than 250 UK gaming venues and on 3,000+ machines!

Eurocoin supplies, installs and supports the Ticket2Go system in our many clients’ sites, providing a cost-effective and secure networked Ticket In/Ticket Out solution. This TITO system is already integrated with the Thomas Gaming PayStation PLUS Kiosk with Ticket Redemption features, plus is completely networked with our Playsafe Quantum machine management system to provide joined-up automatic data retrieval and analytics for site owners and management.



Designed and developed for small to medium-sized gaming sites, our Ticket2Go System offers a retrofit ticketing solution for gaming machines delivering a simple, single ticketing solution across your entire gaming floor.

Proven across the gaming machine sector, Ticket2Go can be installed across multiple sites, enabling operators to replace coin payouts with a simple barcoded ticket payout solution. Site owners can expect to immediately bank their entire current coin float – typically £1,000 to £1,500 per machine – and enjoy the subsequent time & cost savings on coin-counting, bagging and banking.

Ticket2Go TITO operates across a standard Ethernet network between the machine and the Ticket2Go Redemption Terminal, which acts as the Site Controller. The system is fully GBG- and SAS- compliant plus Eurocoin have fully integrated Ticket2Go with our Playsafe Quantum machine management software and our Thomas Redemption Kiosks

UK Venues on TITO

UK Machines on TITO

£ Value of Coin Float Per Machine

Average # of Tickets Issued Per Machine Daily



  • Fully integrated with UK GBG protocol
  • SAS-compliant for slot hall machines
  • Proven across UK machine sites
  • Popular with players
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Eliminates coin payouts
  • Speeds-up daily counts
  • Automatic Ticket Redemption in Kiosks
  • Completely secure barcoded system
  • Ready to install on your site now…!

Expansion Options for Your Ticket2Go System

Eurocoin 175V Note & Ticket Counter


Machine drop boxes and your Cash Desk tills contain mixed denomination notes and TITO tickets once you adopt Ticket2Go….so we’ve developed the Eurocoin 175V high-speed banknote and ticket counter to simplify & speed up your count room operation!

The 175V unit is fully integrated with all your machine and ticket data stored on the Ticket2Go server, and reports all TITO ticket values by machine number automatically back to your Playsafe Quantum system. Daily drop reports for your machines has never been easier!


TITO Ticket Redemption PayStation


The Thomas 8021 PayStation PLUS is our automated Kiosk Terminal specifically designed for modern Adult Gaming Centres, Bingo Halls and other Leisure & Amusement Park venues.

PayStation PLUS is completely integrated to the Ticket2Go TITO system, providing fast, secure and fully-traceable cash payouts on all TITO tickets issued by machines in your venue.

In addition, your PayStation PLUS will provide bill-breaking, change-giving, bulk mixed coin processing and secure money-handling across your gaming floor – quite simply, PayStation  PLUS is the perfect companion for your TITO operation

TITO Tickets

Eurocoin is the largest supplier of TITO tickets to gaming operators across Europe.

All our TITO tickets meet the global industry quality standard TO-381N and are available in cartons of 12,000 tickets

We hold stock for immediate delivery of blank tickets, or speak with our helpful Customer Service team if you would like details on producing a customised design ticket for your operation

Playsafe Quantum

You work hard enough already! Why not let our Quantum Machine Management system completely automate your site’s machine accounting, giving you the time to relax, review this data, and take some really well-informed decisions for the business future?

Data capture is real-time & can be reported back to your central server via Wifi or GSM, or simply collected via our hand-held device. Click the link to find out more, or call us on 01707-280028 for more information

Support & Service

Our highly experienced Support team offer 7-day back-up for all our Eurocoin Systems clients, offering help, advice and solutions to any questions arising from your operation.

Call us on +44 1707 280 020 for any assistance you require or email systems-support@eurocoin.co.uk

Playsafe Loyalty System

Reward your regular players with free games, points and prizes with the Playsafe Loyalty system.

Easy to retrofit to your existing games, our card-based Loyalty system will measure and record player visits, providing you with a host of reward & bonus options.

Contact our Customer Service team for a quotation, or click on the link to read more details…


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