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Ticket & Currency Counters

Eurocoin Systems provide a variety of currency counting options suitable for a wide range of secure applications.

Tailor-made products for the following sectors:

Start Saving Time & Money

Eurocoin Systems  specialise in cash handling machines that count quicker and more accurately than your most experienced employee while detecting counterfeits with 100% accuracy. They can sort & batch count your cash ready for banking and can even verify items such as driving licences. And that’s not to mention their excellent portability.

The result is your organisations cash handling process is simplified, streamlined and inexpensive. That’s why thousands of our customers realise a return on investment within months, not years.

Our Range of Ticket, Coin & Note Counters

ZZap CC10 Coin Counter

The CC10 coin counter is designed for high volume counting and is the perfect time and cost saving machine. The CC10 counts presorted coins at a staggering 2,300 coins per minute and thanks to it batch counting function, counting your coins into batches has never been quicker.
To make things simple the CC10 features a coin rejection function, saving you the hassle of manually discarding odd coins. The CC10 has the ability to count all currencies and can even count non-currency items such as tokens or casino chips.

ZZap CS30 Coin Counter & Sorter

With one of the fastest counting speeds of any coin sorter in this price bracket, the CS30 is setting new standards. Its hopper and tray capacities offer even more coin capacity and with its new robust design it can handle more coins.
The CS30 batch counting function is perfect for preparing bank bags, coin rolls and cash drawers and with its easy to use interface, everything is made as simple as it should be


ZZap NC10+ Note Counter

The NC10+ is the perfect low cost solution for your money counting needs, saving you time and money with each and every use. Furthermore its inbuilt rechargeable battery means you can use it practically anywhere.
The NC10+ uses 2 counterfeit detections to seamlessly verify all currencies while counting at an impressive 1,000 banknotes per minute. The NC10+ can also count your banknotes into batches for easy cash management.


ZZap NC30 Note Counter

The NC30 is simply the best banknote counter in this price range. The NC30 has one of the fastest counting speeds of any other banknote counter and verifies each and every banknote with its advanced 5-fold counterfeit detection.
The NC30 sort function detects rogue denominations, the batch counting function is the fastest way to prepare cash drawers and bank deposits and with its top loading hopper it’s perfect for high volume counting.


Eurocoin Ticket & Note Counter

Eurocoin Note and TITO ticket counter/sorter is a high-speed, compact device that is ideal for busy count rooms & cash desks. The unit will accept mixed denomination notes and TITO tickets from a stacker or cash box, and provide a full value count for the entire batch.

The advance serial number recognition feature will both identify and eliminate any duplicate counterfeit banknotes, plus will allow the individual counting and recording of barcoded TITO tickets.

All ticket and note data is exportable to a thermal receipt printer and/or your venue’s host accounting system via LAN, USB or RS232
This is a cost-effective and feature-packed counter & sorter that will save a great deal of time and money in your operation.




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