VL Casino Tables System

Revolutionise Your Table Games with VisuaLimits Signage

VisuaLimits offers a totally unique system that is designed for casinos large and small. The VL system is a management tool that not only delivers superb digital signage for your table games, but also simultaneously gathers data and provides exceptional gaming analytics for your management team.

VisuaLimit Casino Tables Signage System


The VL Signage System is smart enough to detect every hand played on your card games, adjust your limits to entice more game play, protect your tables with its in-built surveillance cameras, as well as communicate important marketing messages to your players and your pit staff.

Key Advantages for Table Games Include:


More Than Just A Pretty Face!


Yes, VL Signs can stream your HD marketing feeds and even live TV to your table players! But, simultaneously, the System is calculating Dealer speed and recording every side bet on the game…amazing!

Stream CCTV Feeds from VL Signs


The powerful cameras embedded in the VL Signs view on-table activity continuously. This content can be streamed directly to your Security and Surveillance Dept.

Send Alerts to Security or Bar Staff


Use the VisuaLimits rear screen interface to quickly send an SMS ‘Alert’ to casino colleagues in other departments, real-time.

Add the TITO Ticket Redemption Module...


The VL-Focus System also now includes the option to add full TITO ticket barcode scanning, right at the table, allowing you to swap TITO tickets for chips and vice versa. We call this ‘TITA’ – Tickets at the Table – and your casino should definitely request a trial now!

Constantly recognising, counting and analysing


Meanwhile, the VL System is busy recognising, counting and analysing every single hand dealt, and recording each time a bet is placed!

Continuously streamed back to the server over the casino’s own LAN, this data is available real-time for Casino Management to review in reports, or via the VL Business Intelligence dashboard

Getting the idea now?! The client-facing, Full-HD screen provides the customer with all the game information that they need, including changes to table limits, marketing for casino events and even the latest sports scores!

Meanwhile, the rear touchscreen is only for Casino Management, who have access to all the security, analytics and communications features and modules via an easy-to-use Windows 10 interface.


The Intelligent Table Limit Sign


VL-Focus is an intelligent table limit sign that was designed for casinos large and small. The sign is a management tool that rejuvenates the look of your table games while also being the foundation for your gaming analytics. Proper limit management, optimal utilization and enhanced game protection are all key components in making your table games more profitable.

VL-Focus is smart enough to detect every hand played on your card games, adjust your limits to entice more game play, protect your tables as well as communicate important marketing messages to your players and your pit staff.




  • Tracks Dealer performance on each table
  • 4 on-board cameras provide table view surveillance feedback
  • Streams messages and advertising to players
  • Alerts for blacklisted players and/or VIPs
  • Customer Service interface on rear screen for drinks & restaurant bookings
  • Compact, bright, modern & attractive
  • Versatile and full of selectable features

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VisualLimits Gaming Table Signage & Analytics System

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